Everything you need, right where you need it.

Email, Calendar, Documents and Tasks
all powered by Google Apps for
Business personalized specifically
for your organization and logically
organized in Cloud Fusion.
Built-in Desktop Notifications.

Don't miss an important email or calendar appointment again.
PC and Mac.

We love them both. It is entirely up to you! Cloud Fusion is works with both of them.
Stay Healthy.

We monitor your Cloud Fusion system to ensure a clean bill of health. We proactively respond to any issues, many of which will be fixed before you even realize something went wrong.
There is an App for that.

Cloud Fusion is configured with some popular and functional apps. It also has access to the web store for other apps you might need. Enjoy the same great experience on your computer as you do your phone.
Save Money. No need for confusing pricing structures. We prefer to keep things nice and simple.

Cloud Fusion
Google Apps for Business
Domain configuration
Google Apps user account setup
1 hour of LIVE web-based training
Self-service data migration
Additional data transfer, training and other support assistance are also available. Please see an example of our competition's pricing.

If you have any questions regarding how this can reduce your overhead and achieve other cost savings, please let us know.