So what exactly is this "Google Apps" anyways?
Reasons we have chosen Google Apps for Business to power Cloud Fusion.

Simplicity - Focuses on what is important and removes unnecessary complexity
Collaboration - Key to today's productivity and cost reduction
Mobile - Available on most smart phones and tablets
Cost Effective - No more multiple licenses for all your devices
Data Security - Google protected servers store the data
Up-Time - 99.9% guaranteed availability to your information
No more Upgrades - No more confusing and expensive software upgrades
Going Google is also Going Green with their ultra efficient data centers.

The harder your computer has to work, the more energy it consumes. By offloading much of this burden to the ultra efficient cloud you can save money on the ever increasing cost of electricity. To make it even better, many of the major cloud service providers are purchasing and using renewable energy to power their systems which makes it even that much better for the environment.

We can evaluate your network and see what ways you too can help do your part to protect the environment.