See how easy it works.

Here is how our tried and true method works. We focus on smaller logical steps to make sure that users firmly grasp and take full advantage of the new services. You are just 4 steps away from new found Freedom...Let's go!
We conduct a corporate wide survey. We need to know what you have and how you use it so we can draft a plan to help connect you to the cloud.
Introductory Training
Before they are implemented, we introduce your whole staff to the changes that are coming their way.
Next, we activate and provide access to Cloud Fusion for your users without interruption to their current systems including email.
Hands-On Training
Now that everyone has access to Cloud Fusion, we follow up with more specific training on how to use each tool answering their questions along the way.
Change is easier for some more than others, therefore we offer additional training to insure no one is left behind and your entire organization experiences a successful transition.